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April ’21 Book of the Month – Cunning Women

As a little kid, my idea of a witch was someone with a hooked nose, wild hair and a pointy hat, who travels on a broomstick and who needs to be feared. I am not sure where I learnt it from, but that was it. Growing up, I heard of the Salem’s witch trails and … More

Reading Women Challenge – March

In the month of March, I decided to take the Challenge up by a notch and go for a seemingly difficult prompt. I mean, how many times do you see a reading challenge have a prompt that says ‘Read a book by a Neurodivergent Author’? What seemed at first like a difficult task, led me … More

A Year in Lockdown, A Year with my Books

A year in review. I do these posts normally in the last week of December. That’s how things are supposed to work, no? But then we had 2020, and all our lives were collectively thrown into a chaos never before seen or heard. I remember a 6am grocery run to the ‘Big Tesco’ because we’d … More

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