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March ’21 Book of the Month – How Beautiful We Were

A question I am frequently asked is how do I prioritise my Book Review List for Advanced Readers Copies? For one, I love to check out initial reviews on my favourite blogs, magazines and Goodreads to get a feel for it. So when I saw this book listed by TIME and Oprah Mag as 2021’s … More

Reading Women Challenge – February

For a change, I am going to avoid the usual introduction bit that I do on my posts and jump right in – The prompt I chose for February was ‘A Fantasy Novel by an Asian Author’ and the number of suggestions that popped up on Goodreads was mind blowing. However, there’s always something special … More

Game of Thrones – On TV

When it comes to any book to screen adaptations, like most readers, I am as precious as you can be. I could talk all night about why books are better than the movies and how I will ALWAYS read the books first, before watching the screen adaptation. With a series as expansive as ASOIAF, there … More

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