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June in Review and Hello July

We’re almost in the middle of July, so I am hoping it isn’t too late for a month wrap up! I normally don’t do monthly hauls, it is just never been something I’ve thought of doing as a regular feature on my blog and I feel if I start doing it, I might end up … More

July ’21 Book of the Month – World Travel : An Irreverent Guide

In 2018, Anthony Bourdain’s long time assistant Laurie Woolever sat down with him to chat about a new project – a book that will document all of his favourite places across the world, written, rather narrated,  in Bourdain characteristic style, curating all of his favourite places to eat, drink and explore. Anthony Bourdain never lived … More

The Reading Women Challenge : A Protagonist Older than 50

A big reason for taking up the Reading Women Challenge this year was to give myself some direction and structure when choosing my next read. We’re halfway through the year and while I’d have really loved to say that I have completed 50% of the prompts, sadly, I haven’t. However, of the 7 prompts I … More

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