A Little Announcement ….

Sometimes for the fun of it, I like to set up tasks for myself – especially ones that will intimidate me. Like in January I decided to write about Murakami and Tolkien – the two authors who practically have courses and workshops dedicated to studying their literature.

Continuing the trend, this month I am talking about another one of my favourites – one whose books and subsequent TV series practically defined almost a decade of my life.

From nearly throwing the book at a wall (this actually happened!), to risking a visit from HR for discussing the latest episode (and all the violence) on internal company chats, I think I have done it all.

And so, without further ado, announcing my blog series on A Song of Ice and FireI do prefer that name to Game of Thrones.

What can you expect to see:

  1. On my blog, a series of posts discussing:
    • My introduction to and fascination with A Song of Ice and Fire
    • My honest view of the HBO series
    • George RR Martin’s supporting literature to ASOIAF

  2. If you follow me on Instagram :
    • A few reels from the Game of Thrones Live in Concert (because Ramin Dwajdi is basically a legend and to see him play live was literally the best thing that happened to me that year!)
    • A load of content dump of my GoT shelves
    • Some TBT photos of my trip to the ACTUAL land of Ice and Fire – also otherwise known as Iceland 🙂

So, let’s take a walk in Westeros shall we?


  1. Game of Thrones. ❤️❤️. One of the few series that has basically every emotion in it. And the book series, Oohh Mama, GOAT.
    GRRM is a legend. Ramin is a mastero when it comes to creating music. And yes, let’s take a walk… After you!

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