5 Books that aren’t Christmas-y… but are perfect for the Holidays

  1. Kafka on the Shore

Kafka on the Shore was the first ever Murakami I read. It was a 12 hour flight, I needed a thick book to dive into. Kafka was…. Obscure, confusing, magical and haunting. It stayed with me long after, and I found myself revisit some of the parts once again, sometimes twice over. Because that is what Murakami does to you. Transport you to a different plane, a parallel universe that perhaps exists alongside the one we live in.

Go ahead, pick up Kafka on the Shore. You won’t regret it.

  • There’s No Such Thing As An Easy Job

I did a more detailed book review on this beautiful book by Kikuko Tsumura earlier this month. It was in fact my ARC of the month. And I still stand by what I said then – There’s No Such Thing As An Easy Job is a must read for everyone, especially if you are feeling burnt out and lost and confused much like our unnamed protagonist in this book. This book healed me. Gave me perspective. And me chuckle. Also, it has got a very Murakamisque feel to it.

Have I got a thing for Murakami? ❤

There’s No Such Thing As An Easy Job released on Nov 26th and is now available to purchase via Amazon

  • Tales of Beedle the Bard

We first heard of Beedle the Bard in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and The Tale of the Three Brothers turned out to be the turning point of everything.  The Tales of Beedle the Bard however is full of other delightful tales; think of it as Grimms Fairy Tales – but for magic people 🙂 I particularly love the additional notes and scribblings by Dumbledore. A must read for any Harry Potter fan, this is a perfect quick read, especially if you a need a little magical pick me up!

  • Tales of Fosterganj

‘I forget what took me to Fosterganj in the first place. Destiny, perhaps; although I’m not sure why destiny would have bothered to guide an itinerant writer to an obscure little hamlet in the hills’

When I seek comfort, and everything else fails, I will always turn to Ruskin Bond and the gentle peaceful world he creates set in the misty Himalayan hills. Tales of Fosterganj is a collection of some of his most delightful short stories. Make yourself a nice cup of chai, find a cozy corner, preferably where you can feel the gentle winter sun and immerse yourself in the tiny hill town of Fosterganj.

‘And in Fosterganj I thought I’d found my retreat : a cluster of modest cottages, a straggling little bazaar, a post office, a crumbling castle …what more could one ask for?’  

  • A Man called Ove

Ove is a grumpy old man. Probably the grumpiest you will ever meet. He loves his solitude and hates his neighbours. Then a young, boisterous family moves in next door and turns his world upside down.

What a hilarious, heart-warming read this was! It had me in splits, and had me in tears. Frederick Backman has created this lovely, genuine and delightful world, and afforded us a moment of sanity from this crazy world of ours. Although this book can be picked up anytime, I personally feel Christmas time lends an even more ‘hygge’ feel to it and would probably also make you want to hug your friends and family a little more ❤

“We always think there’s enough time to do things with other people. Time to say things to them. And then something happens and then we stand there holding on to words like ‘if’.”


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