Slowing Down

It had to get to mid-April for me to realise I still haven’t done a post on my reading intentions for this year. I also haven’t done any wrap posts for last year but we’ll ignore that for now. After the blur that was the final few months of 2021, this year so far has … More

The Reading Women Challenge – A Book by Yoko Ogawa

If I remember correctly, I first stumbled (rather, fell head first) into Japanese literature on one of the many long haul flights that were a temporary part of my life when I was a post graduate student in Manchester. It was Murakami that I first read (no surprises there!) and thus began my love affair … More

The Reading Women Challenge – A YA Novel by a Latinx Author

Looks like we’re nearly done with the first fortnight of the new year – this proves time does fly even when you’re not having fun 😛   My biggest achievement so far has been completing my return to work and unclogging my inbox. Given the mini hiatus that I’ve been on, I am keen to … More

If One Only Remembers to Turn on The Light

Having spent 2020 and the better part of 2021 at break neck speed balancing my day job and my beloved blog, it was time I hit the brakes. Only this time, the hiatus was more imposed than out of choice. What started as a minor bump in the road soon spiralled out of control as … More

June in Review and Hello July

We’re almost in the middle of July, so I am hoping it isn’t too late for a month wrap up! I normally don’t do monthly hauls, it is just never been something I’ve thought of doing as a regular feature on my blog and I feel if I start doing it, I might end up … More

July ’21 Book of the Month – World Travel : An Irreverent Guide

In 2018, Anthony Bourdain’s long time assistant Laurie Woolever sat down with him to chat about a new project – a book that will document all of his favourite places across the world, written, rather narrated,  in Bourdain characteristic style, curating all of his favourite places to eat, drink and explore. Anthony Bourdain never lived … More


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