June in Review and Hello July

We’re almost in the middle of July, so I am hoping it isn’t too late for a month wrap up! I normally don’t do monthly hauls, it is just never been something I’ve thought of doing as a regular feature on my blog and I feel if I start doing it, I might end up … More

July ’21 Book of the Month – World Travel : An Irreverent Guide

In 2018, Anthony Bourdain’s long time assistant Laurie Woolever sat down with him to chat about a new project – a book that will document all of his favourite places across the world, written, rather narrated,  in Bourdain characteristic style, curating all of his favourite places to eat, drink and explore. Anthony Bourdain never lived … More

The Reading Women Challenge : A Protagonist Older than 50

A big reason for taking up the Reading Women Challenge this year was to give myself some direction and structure when choosing my next read. We’re halfway through the year and while I’d have really loved to say that I have completed 50% of the prompts, sadly, I haven’t. However, of the 7 prompts I … More

To Reread a Favourite

I shall begin by declaring that Jane Austen means the world to me. When the world gets a little too heavy, I find myself yearning for the comfortable familiarity of Jane Austen’s books, and the wonderful assortment of characters she’s blessed us with. I won’t delve in too deep, but when I wrote Dear Jane, … More

June ’21 Book of the Month – The Woman in the Purple Skirt

Before I jump into raving about this fantastic piece of fiction, can we take a moment to appreciate the sheer amount of literary talent that comes out of Japan? From Nobel laureates like Kawabata and Oe, to Higashino, Kawamaki and Murakami ( you didn’t think I’d leave him out, did you? 🙂 ), the Japanese … More

May ’21 Book of the Month – Whereabouts

Oh hello! It’s been a while since I have made a blog post, but a mini-hiatus was the need of the hour. With things gradually returning to normal, at least on this side of the world, I’ve been taking some time off to binge-read, binge-watch, and catch up with loved ones without worrying too much … More

April ’21 Book of the Month – Cunning Women

As a little kid, my idea of a witch was someone with a hooked nose, wild hair and a pointy hat, who travels on a broomstick and who needs to be feared. I am not sure where I learnt it from, but that was it. Growing up, I heard of the Salem’s witch trails and … More

A Neurodivergent Author

In the month of March, I decided to take the Challenge up by a notch and go for a seemingly difficult prompt. I mean, how many times do you see a reading challenge have a prompt that says ‘Read a book by a Neurodivergent Author’? What seemed at first like a difficult task, led me … More

A Year in Lockdown, A Year with my Books

A year in review. I do these posts normally in the last week of December. That’s how things are supposed to work, no? But then we had 2020, and all our lives were collectively thrown into a chaos never before seen or heard. I remember a 6am grocery run to the ‘Big Tesco’ because we’d … More

A Song of Ice and Fire – Beyond the Original Book Series

Long after HBO wrapped up the <ahem> forgettable final season, and long after GRRM practically gave up writing the final two books in the series, I chanced up a few books that were released alongside the original book series.  And while GRRM published a number of books with an assortment of characters that ensure we … More


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