Reading Women Challenge – February

For a change, I am going to avoid the usual introduction bit that I do on my posts and jump right in – The prompt I chose for February was ‘A Fantasy Novel by an Asian Author’ and the number of suggestions that popped up on Goodreads was mind blowing. However, there’s always something special … More

Game of Thrones – On TV

When it comes to any book to screen adaptations, like most readers, I am as precious as you can be. I could talk all night about why books are better than the movies and how I will ALWAYS read the books first, before watching the screen adaptation. With a series as expansive as ASOIAF, there … More

Game of Thrones – Most Memorable Moments

After what has been a super exhausting week, finally there is some light at the end of the tunnel as we’ve now been blessed with a ‘Lockdown Exit Plan’ *Books off 22nd June immediately!!* Unsurprisingly, I have found my lost motivation – blogging can be HARD WORK – and I am back to spam your … More

A Song of Ice and Fire – An Introduction

When I give it a thought, it is incredible, the number of great books and authors I have been introduced to thanks to long haul flights. Between the years 2011 – 2015 I moved back and forth between Mumbai and Manchester about 4 times. And it is not easy moving countries, let alone continents. But … More

A Little Announcement ….

Sometimes for the fun of it, I like to set up tasks for myself – especially ones that will intimidate me. Like in January I decided to write about Murakami and Tolkien – the two authors who practically have courses and workshops dedicated to studying their literature. Continuing the trend, this month I am talking … More

Book Review – The Killing Choice

Although this blog started with an intention of being a dedicated home for all my book reviews, things got busy lately and I realised I haven’t actually published any good old fashioned book reviews. I much prefer doing these on my blog as opposed to Instagram, as I love being able to fully utilise long … More

Feb ’21 Book of Month – The Paris Library

Hello from an extremely cold and frosty Manchester, and a big welcome to all those who have recently joined my mailing list – I am very happy to meet you 🙂 Last year in November, I started featuring ARC’s on a monthly basis , and have received so much positive feedback, that I am fully … More

Did You Miss Anything in January?

It is hard stay upbeat when the year starts with a soul crushing lockdown – the third one in 9 months. It was just earlier in the week that I was reminiscing with a colleague how I don’t remember the last time I went out for a meal, or bought a drink from my favourite … More

Reading Women Challenge – January

When I decided to take up the Reading Women Challenge, I knew that by no means will it be an easy one to do, but looking at each of the 24 prompts in more detail, it slowly made me realise just how tough this is going to be. With that also came the sad realisation … More

Five Books to Pre-Order in 2021

Now this is a post I have been most excited about! Although I was already reading 2021 releases since as early as October, I must have spent the better part of January deliberating and editing this list, because I wanted it to be a concise list, and I wanted to ensure I have covered a … More


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