If One Only Remembers to Turn on The Light

Having spent 2020 and the better part of 2021 at break neck speed balancing my day job and my beloved blog, it was time I hit the brakes. Only this time, the hiatus was more imposed than out of choice.

What started as a minor bump in the road soon spiralled out of control as my schedule started getting clogged with health check-ups and follow ups, as opposed to creating content.

Before I knew it, I realised I was in this for the foreseeable future and had to reluctantly put Between Pages on the back burner.

Books however kept me going. Through the bad times and the worse, just when I felt it was all doom and gloom, books offered me the safe place that I was so desperately seeking, and slowly but surely, helped me remember how to turn on the light.

In the past few months, I didn’t create content and did not write a single blog post. What I did do however, was read voraciously – in bed, by the window, at the doctors and in the hospital. And I kept a faithful record of every single book I devoured, enjoyed, also the ones I did not quite enjoy. So here I am, back on my feet (albeit a little wobbly), but eagerly looking forward to spam blog and create content. It’s good to be back and happy reading everyone 🙂


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