June in Review and Hello July

We’re almost in the middle of July, so I am hoping it isn’t too late for a month wrap up! I normally don’t do monthly hauls, it is just never been something I’ve thought of doing as a regular feature on my blog and I feel if I start doing it, I might end up putting unnecessary pressure on myself.

One of the reasons I started my blog was to use it as an outlet to geek out about books and connect with like-minded people, so I know the moment it starts feeling like a ‘task’ I will perhaps stop blogging.

That being said, June was an incredible month reading wise. So over and above everything else, I really want to document this whooper of a month 🙂 I will be gradually posting individual reviews and thoughts for all of the below, but for now, here we go.

The Reading Women Challenge

From a book with a protagonist older than 50, to a short story collection and a thriller in translation, June was a mix bag of surprises – some very good surprises!

Bookstagram Buddy Read

June was also the month when I did my first ever bookstagram buddy read. This book blog and bookstagram has truly been a wonderful platform, and I have made a handful of really great book buddies. While I had always seen buddy reads, this was the very first time I did one myself and I enjoyed every minute of it.

We choose ‘The Travelling Cat Chronicles’ by Hiro Arikawa. It was soothing, funny, quirky and life affirming. Above all else, it has firmly established my love for Japanese literature. I’ve said this before, it is truly the gift that keeps giving.

The Bonus Read

How long have I had ‘Little Women’ sat on my shelves? On my TBR, probably a decade. The physical copy on my shelves, over 18 months. This book is all kinds of good things rolled into one. I had trouble adjusting to some of the views and ideas mentioned in it, however, that’s a thought for a longer review.

And finally, Hello July!

While I haven’t yet decided which books I would want to read for the Reading Women Challenge this month, I have otherwise decided to ‘slow down’ and have picked up two of my absolute favourite authors – Haruki Murakami and Kazuo Ishiguro.

Losing myself in their enthralling, magical and slightly melancholy world is perhaps what I need after cramming five books in five weeks last month ❤

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