Did You Miss Anything in January?

It is hard stay upbeat when the year starts with a soul crushing lockdown – the third one in 9 months. It was just earlier in the week that I was reminiscing with a colleague how I don’t remember the last time I went out for a meal, or bought a drink from my favourite bar.

This little blog that started with half a dozen forced emotionally blackmailed supportive subscribers, keeps growing every day and it brings me so much joy to have a creative platform of my own, that is not dependent on the whims of an algorithm (Instagram, I am looking at you).

Looking at the month in review, it was heartening to see so much love for all of my posts. By the way of how wrap up posts go, here is a little snippet of all the posts that got so much love and reshares this month:

January started with the birthday celebrations of our beloved Professor

We then discussed the incredible scientific contributions of The Light Ages

Soon it was time to celebrate Murakami’s birthday

I then announced my participation in The Reading Women Challenge

Also found the time to share This Pre-order List and This List of Snuggle-worthy Books

And finally, I was happy to announce that I completed my January part of the RWC Challenge.

So how has your month been? 🙂


  1. January was a good month, hopefully the start of a better year 🙂
    Regarding your idea about blogging versus Instagram (I hope I understood correctly) – I am more invested in writing for the blog than posting on Instagram, mainly because I feel that here I have more space to express myself. But it’s also more work and less interaction with other people, at least in my case.


    1. Yes yes you’ve understood and articulated it perfectly 🙂 I too love blogging much more than Instagram, and like you say, there is a lot more space to express oneself over here. Additionally I also believe those who are reading / following my blog genuinely mean to do so as opposed to people who scroll through on Instagram (which then leads to less interaction)

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  2. I missed so much this month. But let’s just blame it on 2020 because lets just agree, last year has not been kind. But thanks to your blog, I didn’t missed a thing. Be it Professor’s Birthday or Murakami’s I was notified.😌.


    1. Oh hello! I agree, it has been so tough, and it’s only the first month of the year!! Thank you ever so much – I have enjoyed reading all your comments, especially with our mutual love for Tolkien and Murakami! Those two birthdays in January kind of made up for the gloomy month!

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