Game of Thrones – Most Memorable Moments

After what has been a super exhausting week, finally there is some light at the end of the tunnel as we’ve now been blessed with a ‘Lockdown Exit Plan’ *Books off 22nd June immediately!!*

Unsurprisingly, I have found my lost motivation – blogging can be HARD WORK – and I am back to spam your feeds 🙂

This is the post where I get to geek out a little bit about my favourite moments from A Song of Ice and Fire. All of these are from the books so naturally you will find Seasons 6-8 completely excluded from the list.

These are the moments that were also perfectly executed on screen – Thank the Gods, Old and New, and so, a light hearted post featuring Gifs and Screen Grabs, about all those moments that made me go GAAAH!!

Fun Fact: Includes THAT scene from Book 3 which made me bend over in pure agony 😦

If there are any GoT newbies reading this, I really hope I convince you to give this wonderful series a chance – you’ll cry buckets but you won’t regret it!

P.S. Warning – Graphic Content. None of the imagery used in this post is my own.

P.P.S: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t read / seen Game of Thrones

  1. Discovering the Dire Wolves

This was probably one of the cutest moments in Game of Thrones, if such a thing can actually be said about the books / franchise. But it made me go heart eyes and goopy faced when I first read about it and they did such a great casting with all the little wolf puppies in the show! It is of special significance also as the direwolves are the Stark sigil, and this moment holds so much relevance as the series continues to develop.

2. Birth of the Dragons

Now this happens in the final few pages of Book 1 so it was season 1 finale, but there was so much anticipation amongst the book readers about this moment, that the wait was excruciating. But HBO and the makers of the show, you did right by the books – at least with the dragons, because Dany is supposed to have her hair burnt off in the process, but hey, who likes bald female leads right?

3. That Scene with Ned Stark

Yes, I know, we all should have seen it coming. Ned was too honest for his own good and he had no chance against Cersei and Joffrey. But still, it broke our collective hearts, and we all cried buckets, twice over because it was so flawlessly executed on screen – especially with Arya watching from the crowds. It still hurts GRRM 😥

4. The Lannisters Send Their Regards

Was it the sheer cold bloodedness of this scene, or was it also the hauntingly beautiful Rains of Castamere that plays in the background, I could never tell, but it just made the pain worse, so much worse. And yes, this is the scene I talk about earlier, that made me double over in agony whilst reading the books, because you DO NOT see this coming and as a reader, you are so so alone, despairing over the brutality of the Lannisters and the Greyjoys!

5. Ghost Reunites with Jon Snow

Readers, and later on viewers, have known forever the special bond the Starks and Jon shared with their respective direwolves. And so when Jon loses Ghost for a while, his feeling of loneliness felt all too real – that is until Ghost finally comes back from his ramblings to be by Jon’s side. That was truly one of those aww moments in GoT ❤

6. Wildfire at Blackwater Bay

Tyrion Lannister was such a cocky and love to hate character for me in Book 1, but his character arc turns around brilliantly as the series develop. He’s my favourite character from the Westeros world and I was rooting for him right until the series finale! To execute Blackwater Bay was no easy task – it’s reams of pages in the books and the build up is slow, but that moment when we see Tyrion implement his sneaky plans and blow up Stannis’ fleet was worth all the wait. Easily one of my favourite battle scenes ever!

7. The Purple Wedding

Joffery had it coming and how we all rejoiced! Did you whoop and punch the air? Because I did and revenge was sweet 🙂

Also a special mention to Jack Gleeson who was perfectly cast as Joffrey Lannister – it is hard work to play evil on screen and when people hate your character to death, that’s when you know you’ve done a great job!

8. The Skull Crush

Oh Oberyn you fool! You nearly had the Mountain but you had to get cocky didn’t you? That’s not to say Oberyn deserved to have his skull crushed with bare hands – quite literally. The below GIF is an accurate representation of all of us when this scene happened, I’ll save you the gory details, but you really got to have a strong stomach to read or watch it! Consider yourself warned!!

9. The Walk of Shame

Did Cersei have it coming? After all that she did, yes! Did she truly deserve a walk through the streets of her kingdom in her birthday suit? Errm, opinions are divided, but we can all agree that when GRRM wrote this chapter, which Lena Headey (and her body double) so wonderfully executed on-screen, we as readers and viewers felt redeemed. Cersei has been a magnificent character through and through, heck I loved her more than the other fan favourite Catelyn Stark, but oh the mighty also fall, and for all that she was, Cersei bore her humiliation with a straight face, all whilst planning her cold cold revenge on each and every one of those involved in her walk of shame.

10. Tyrion Kills Tywin

George RR Martin wrote Tyrion with Peter Dinklage in mind if ever the books were to be made into series and what a forethought that was, because Peter Dinklage has practically immortalised Tyrion in our minds – brilliant, cheeky and at times offensive.

And so when Tyrion finally stands up to his father, I wanted to frame that scene. It represents all the anger and hate bubbling over from a lifetime of being hated and bullied and overlooked by his own father. Was there anyone who felt bad that Tywin died – if there was, it wasn’t me!

11. Drogon saves Daenerys from Sons of the Harpy

And finally, Drogon arriving at the fighting pits in his full glory, breathing fire and protecting his mother from certain death.

He’s her first born, the largest, strongest and the most fierce of the three dragons. Wilful and protective, and easily everyone’s firm favourite. All the money HBO probably spent on this was so worth it, just to see Drogon descend in his fire breathing majesty into the fighting pits and annihilate everyone! Just the way I visualised it while reading the books!

So which ones were your favourite?


    1. I just posted a review of Game of Thrones yesterday and was looking for good clips to put in the post. I totally forgot about these, so I need to add one to the post! Right now I have clips from Tyrion’s trial, the Battle of the Bastards, and the end of the Massacre at Hardhome.

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  1. These all are literally the most memorable moments in GOT. Each one is unique in its own way and the style with which GRRM wrote these is AMAZING. I hope GRRM reads this post because he gotta. The prose with which this post is written is beautiful. My favourite moment was/is The Purple wedding. Joffrey had it all coming. He was a bit of an arse, (no a bit would be an understatement) he was a complete arse. And that one scene. “Tell Cersei it was me” has my heart 😌

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    1. Aah I loved that scene, Olenna was so badass! I had to exclude a fair few scenes as I was sticking to just the ones from books, so had to exclude seasons 6 – 8. The others I would have liked to include here would be Hardhome and Battle of the Bastards, I want to see what GRRM does with those in the books and hope he really completes the books ASAP

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